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How is Advocate Care Services different?
“Care” is at the heart of our name and it's the foundation of our business. Advocate Care Services is a full-service in-home care agency where you can expect nothing less than friendly, family-focused service, a high degree of flexibility, and a strong commitment to our clients.

Relationships are important to me. Will I be treated like a number?
As the director of the company and the mother of a child with disabilities, Jacque Clifton understands the qualities families and adults look for when choosing caregivers, and that includes building relationships and showing compassion. Jacque manages the office like it’s one big family. You become part of that family when you work with ACS.

Is there a cost for these services?
Most of the families and adults we work with receive services through a Home and Community Based Services waiver, like the DD waiver, which is funded through Medicaid. Their waiver pays for all services approved through an individual’s plan of care. We accept Medicaid’s DD waiver reimbursements as payment in full for our services.

If a portion of the services has been assigned to you as your responsibility by your case manager, you must pay that monthly amount to Advocate Care Services. We will then apply it to the cost of the services you or your family member receives. We also offer private payment options for individuals and families without Medicaid coverage.

Do I have to pay for background checks?
No, your funding covers the cost for this requirement.

How many hours a month can my caregiver work?
This varies by individual and is included in your plan of care developed by your case manager. It is very important to stay within your monthly allocation of hours. We can help you manage this process.

How many caregivers can I have?
ACS recommends two to five caregivers trained on your individual needs at one time. We will work with you to develop a schedule to include primary and back-up caregivers.

How do my caregivers turn in timesheets?
They can drop it off in person at our office, use our toll-free fax number (1-888-962-4321), mail it to our P.O. Box or scan and e-mail it to acs@advocatecare.org.

How do I notify you of changes to an address, phone or caregiver?
Call our office at 316-260-9910 or 866-487-7618 (toll-free) and request a change form.

How do my caregivers get trained?
Training is available on a one-on-one basis in your home or at our office with ACS, through the self-direction toolkit and by free online and community training.

How do we get started?
Give us a call (316-260-9910) or send us an e-mail. At your convenience, we will meet with you in person or over the phone to answer your questions about the services we can offer to you and your family member.

How do I sign up?
If you would like ACS to become part of your in-home support and personal care team, you simply need to let your case manager know that you want ACS to be your provider and they will begin the process. Contact ACS for an enrollment packet and we will mail, fax or hand-deliver all the necessary paperwork that allows us to begin providing services to you and your caregivers.

What if I have questions after hours?
In the course of working together, should you have questions, messages left in our offices are monitored evenings, weekends and holidays. We also have toll-free phone and fax lines for families outside the Wichita metro area.

How do I learn more about ACS?
If you have questions or would like to find out more about ACS, please call us at 316-260-9910 or e-mail hr@advocatecare.org.